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My mission is to improve the experience of providing and receiving healthcare so that patients receive care that is in their best interests.

Tara Adyanthaya - TLA Ethics

Tara Adyanthaya, J.D., MBE (Master of Bioethics)

I am a licensed attorney with sixteen years of experience as a practicing lawyer, and I have an advanced degree in medical ethics. I was in-house counsel at a major academic medical center for five years where I provided education and advice on the intersection of the law and medical ethics. I also understand what it is like to be a patient and to support patients and loved ones facing excruciating, life-altering decisions.

I use my training as a lawyer and medical ethicist to improve communication and interaction among patients, care teams and loved ones. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a patient/loved one looking for advice, I can help. Clinical ethics consultation can help:

  • Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction scores
  • Prepare for Joint Commission surveys
  • Achieve patient-family centered care
  • Improve communication
  • Dispel legal myths surrounding provision of care

I provide the following services:

  • Education

    For providers, I can educate time-challenged professionals by teaching frameworks for understanding and simplifying the complex legal and ethical challenges faced in healthcare settings. I give presentations at orientations, department or unit meetings, grand rounds, and conferences.

    For community groups or individual patients or families, I can present information about issues such as advance care planning to help people understand advance directive forms and to clarify goals for care and treatment based on personal values.

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  • Consultation

    Clinical ethics consultation is intended to assist in identifying patient values and treatment goals, identify a range of options to meet those goals, and clarify medical facts that impact goals and treatment.

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  • Mediation

    I am registered with the Georgia Supreme Court and have received specialized training in healthcare ethics-related mediation, which specifically addressed conflict among interested parties in patient-care related issues.

    A primary goal of my business is to help interested parties resolve conflicts without litigation. Courts have made clear that they are a last resort and expect patients, families, and providers to work together to resolve conflict, though they remain available in cases of abuse or unresolvable conflict. Having a neutral third party with expertise and experience in healthcare settings helps achieve resolutions that are in patients’ best interests. Internal mechanisms to resolve conflict avoids wasting time, saves money and achieves more satisfactory resolutions for all involved.

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